Aaron was born a Libra in the lovely state of Minnesota. His younger years were fraught with adventure as his family traveled the country in a van. They finally settled back in Minneapolis where he spent a goodly portion of his formative years. The adventurous nature of his upbringing led Aaron and his brothers to form a close bond and also increased their propensity to have vivid imaginations. The boys were all involved in performing from a young age, strongly encouraged by their free-spirited mother.

Aaron was a stellar high school and college athlete, and excelled in classroom as well. He was all set to major in accounting( or so his delusional mom thought) at the University of St. Thomas. However, during his sophomore year, he took a vacation to California to visit his older brother, Jason. Jason was filming a TV show called ?Push,? and Aaron snuck into one of the episodes as a featured extra. Upon returning to St. Paul, he decided his heart was in LA and left to pursue acting shortly thereafter.

Aaron is a dedicated student of performance art, and has been studying with various studios for some years now. He currently studies and works with the Carter Thor studio in Studio City, where he has been involved and starred in several productions. He has also built an impressive resume of commercial and television work, in addition to roles in several independent feature films.

To Aaron, film work allows for the opportunity to completely engulf himself in a character for a finite amount of time. In that span of time, he is able to do a vertical dig, deep into his consciousness and truly expand himself and ?feel? the plight of another human being.

Aaron particularly welcomes the challenge of shifting his physical being ? whether taking on a tricky accent, learning new mannerisms or dramatically losing weight. He embraces the prospect to not only take himself mentally to a different realm, but to also represent it physically.

Aaron?s had several supporting and starring roles in independent feature and short films that allowed him to explore different aspects of his varied life experience, as well as learn new and different perspectives on humanity. Most recently, he explored the manic personality of a man who lives his life by the wisdom of prophetic fortunes he finds in everyday Chinese cookies.

*In this role, Aaron literally lost sleep, dropped 20 pounds and ate more Chinese food than one man should to fully unlock the mystery of Harry?s mind.

Television is a great exercise in acting. To be ?on? consistently and deal with day-to-day demands is a great task. The production value and quality of some TV programs is not unlike that of a feature film, and, as such, is similar to creating a new short film in the span of a week.

Aaron has recently had the great pleasure of working as a guest star with acclaimed actors Gary Sinise and Tony Shaloub on CSI NY and Monk, respectively. The experience of working on TV has been extremely rewarding and he is actively pursuing additional television work.

Aaron equates the experience of his theatrical performances to the feeling he gets when he plays sports. It?s an adrenaline rush, and the instant feedback on your performance can be exhilarating. He feels that theatre is truly an actors? medium; it allows him to play, be vulnerable and grow on a great platform.

Aaron has a strong affinity for plays by John Patrick Shanley, Richard Greenberg, Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Sam Shepard. He has performed in several plays, and, most recently, he starred in Three Days of Rain and The Dreamer Examines His Pillow. It was truly an honor for Aaron to be involved with these productions as he was able go to places in his psyche that allowed him to grow exponentially as a thespian.
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